Women and Men tell us their most memorable sexual experience.

We’ve all been there, we meet someone, there’s a connection, so we decide to take the next step.   Unfortunately, life isn’t a movie and we find ourselves in awkward situations, sometimes it’s us and sometimes it’s our dance partner.  Below are a few of those awkward situations.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.


I met up with an old friend after years of not seeing each other. I didn’t plan on it but we ended up having sex, which wasn’t the memorable part, not that it was bad! It’s what happened afterwards that I’ll never forget.  As I lay next to her after we had sex, she got up and went to the bathroom.  I heard the shower turn on, so I decided to sleep.  Suddenly I felt her take my hand, she led me to the shower and undressed me, then she led me into the shower.  She put her finger to my lips and asked me not to move.  I stood there as the steam grew thick around me, she started to wash my body gently, at that moment I felt loved like never before.  It was erotic and passionate,  it’s an experience I’ll never forget.


It was during college, I was inexperienced and a bit timid, but I met this really cute guy that I was really into so we met at my dorm room.  As soon as we entered my room he picked me up into his arms and we started kissing passionately.  At that point I was ready for him to rip my clothes off, but that’s not what happened.  Instead, he put me down on my bed and turned on some cheesy music on his phone and to make things worse, he started to strip and give me a lap dance.  He had a great body, but all I could think of is that he was into his body more than he was into mine.  By the time he was done, I was too, let’s just say that was our last dance.


I had been seeing this boy for a couple of months and he was smart, funny, and very good-looking.  I waited about three months before I decided to sleep with him, because I assumed good-looking guys would only want to hit it and quit it.  We went out for drinks and everything was fine until we went back to his place.  We were in his room about to get it on and someone starts knocking on the door.  At first I thought it might be his roommate, but then the person on the other side of the door started yelling that he better not have anyone in his room.  He told me to get under the bed, which I did out of panic, and he opens the door and starts arguing with his mom.  If I wasn’t naked I would’ve walked out right away but I waited till they were done.  He begged me to stay but I couldn’t even look at him anymore.  I got dressed and left immediately, I was so embarrassed and blocked his number as soon as I walked out the door.


I have a funny one.  I was on vacation with my then girlfriend.  I was talking to someone outside as my girlfriend returned from the store, we went inside and decided to have sex.   I had the great idea of doing a 69, I was on top and everything was going well until I hear heard her say “What is that?”.  I didn’t know what she was talking about so I kept going, but she pushed me off.  She asked me what was on my ass, so I go to the bathroom and I realized that I had shit on me.  It’s totally gross, but there’s an explanation.  I was taking a shit when someone started banging on the door to my room, I thought it was an emergency so I got up fast and ran to the door without wiping my ass.  It was only the housekeeper, and before I knew it I was caught up in a conversation with her and that’s when my girlfriend walked up.  Like they say, shit happens, and it happened to me, literally.


This one time I was having sex with this guy I’d been wanting to hook up with forever. I was behind him but my dog kept interrupting ruining the moment.  I stopped and put him in his kennel and got back to business.   Suddenly it  started smelling like shit so I thought the person I was having sex with shit themselves, I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t want to embarrass him so I kept going.  I put my hand down on the bed to readjust and that’s when I felt it.  The reason my dog was acting crazy was that he needed to take a shit and he did, but he did it on my bed while I was having sex!  I felt so embarrassed, I knew the other person could smell it and couldn’t put them through it any longer, so I faked an orgasm. He went to the bathroom and I took my sheets off ran outside and threw them away.  By the time he came out of the bathroom there were new sheets on the bed.


There was this guy at work who was after me for about a year.  He wasn’t my type but after a while I decided to give him a chance.  We went on a date and he was funny, I also had a few drinks and hadn’t gotten laid in a long time, so I said why not, I’m going to sleep with him.  I take him to my place and decided to give him a treat.  I pulled my hair back and looked up at him as I pulled his pants down.  As soon as I pulled down his boxers, the most disgusting smell just sent me into shock.  It was so bad I could taste it.  I told him that I wasn’t putting that in my mouth.  He still tried to have sex, but I could never, ever have sex with him after that.  When I returned to work I heard he had quit.  I was relieved, I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like having to see each other every day.


I’ve had a few, let me see.  Okay I have a good one.  There was this guy at a club and he was so good-looking that I didn’t think he’d give me any time but I gave him my number anyway.  The next day he called me and invited me to a festival which was fun, but he had his friend with him so I wasn’t sure if he was into me.  We went to a hotel room after and started drinking, eventually we went to bed, he and I on the bed and his friend on the floor.   After a while when his friend went to sleep we started hooking up, and out of nowhere his friend starts cheering him on.  My first reaction was to stop but I actually found it kind of hot.  His friend got up and went to the bathroom and the guy I was hooking up with asked if I wanted to do a threesome and he read my mind.  I had always fantasized about two men but it didn’t work out because his friends little friend didn’t work.  It still enjoyed it because the guy was very hot and knowing his friend was watching made it that much hotter.


I was partying in Mexico with some friends and we met a group of girls and went back to their hotel room.   We hooked up but its what happened after that was memorable.  I woke up and it the girls were gone.  I looked around for my clothes and they were gone too.  The only thing I had was my wallet that I placed under the mattress.  It was chaos, I was in Mexico without my clothes and phone, so I couldn’t call anyone.  I did have my car but the keys were in my pants.  I called a locksmith and all he could do was unlock my trunk and fortunately for me I had a dress shirt and swim trunks in there because the whole time I only had a towel around my waist.  I bought some cheap sandals and made it back home looking like a bum.  Eventually I got a hold of the girl and she didn’t want to give me my things because she thought I wouldn’t see her anymore once she did.  I promised I wouldn’t but once she did I was done with her.  I bumped into her a couple more times but I didn’t want anything to do with her.  She left me naked in Mexico!


I had this guy that was after me forever.  I wasn’t into him but after a few bad relationships I met up with him again and he was such a good guy that I gave it a shot.  I wasn’t attracted to him but after basing all of my relationships on looks, hooking up with a nice guy seemed like a breath of fresh air.  Eventually I started getting really into him but I could never get him to the bedroom.  I was getting frustrated and feeling very insecure about myself, how could this guy not want me after being into me for so long.  Eventually we made it to the bedroom.  Once he insisted on leaving the lights off and taking his clothes off under the bed I started to get a bad feeling.  Up to that point I’d never really thought about it but he had the smallest you know what I’d ever been with.  I didn’t even know they could be that small, we couldn’t have sex.  At that point it all made sense but I was heartbroken for him.  I was into him by that point but I knew that we couldn’t have a romantic relationship which is sad because its not his fault.