It’s time to visit the forbidden island of Cuba

Since the arrival of Christopher Columbus, Cuba has played a vital role in world politics.  Once the gateway into the New World, it would eventually see itself in turmoil as multiple revolutions would see the country gain its independence from Spain and eventually the rise of the communist regime of Fidel Castro.  After fifty years of a U.S. led embargo, the once forbidden island is now open to American travelers.  Book your flight and take a journey to this colorful island in the Caribbean.




Street vendors offer fresh tropical fruit sure to refresh you during a warm day in Havana.   Photo: Lizzette Reyes 




Make sure to venture inland and enjoy Cuba’s magnificent scenery.                                     Photo: Lizzette Reyes 


The colorful cars on Havana’s streets are equally as intriguing for car            enthusiasts and amateur photographer’s alike.                                                      Photo: Lizzette Reyes