When catastrophe strikes, who do you trust?

As hurricanes, earthquakes, and violence grip the nation, Americans look for reassurance from it’s leaders.

But as Puerto Rican’s found out, President Trump wasn’t the one to offer any sort of reassurance.  Although they did get a few rolls of paper towels from the Commander-in-chief, it wasn’t an occasion that offered hope.  Instead, the POTUS was quick to remind Puerto Rican’s that their suffering didn’t compare to that of the Gulf Coast during Katrina, and to make things worse, they were reminded that the devastation caused by Irma was not good for the budget.

I’m sure many people were left in disbelief, as the one person who could offer hope seemed uninterested and a bit bothered as if the whole situation was an inconvenience.

So who do Americans turn to in turbulent times?  The POTUS?

Its safe to say that throughout history, the most dependable people during turbulent times are the citizens of this country.  That’s right, no matter how divisive America gets, when we see each other suffering we’re always eager to lend a hand.  As thousands of concerned American’s donated blood, money, and time during the Las Vegas mass shooting, just as many have done the same for areas devastated by Irma, Harvey, and Maria.

Ultimately that’s what makes America great, the resilience of its people, not its politicians as we’ve often come to know.