Want to eat healthier, what’s in your fridge?

We’ve all done it. We promise ourselves to eat healthier, but when we open our fridge our choices are limited.

Remember, if it’s in your fridge you will eat it.  So what do you do?    Below are a few tips on reaching your goals of a cleaner, healthier diet.

  •  Be realistic:  If your training for a marathon, your nutritional needs will be drastically different from someone whose goal is to start eating healthier.  Set your goal and stick to it, be patient, don’t get discouraged, you’re on a lifelong journey to better health.
  •  Be flexible:  Life isn’t going to be any less unpredictable now that you’ve decided to change your diet.  Eating unhealthy is usually due to convenience and you’ll find yourself in inconvenient situations where you’ll be tempted to settle for fast food. Carry fruit as it’s the easiest way to get a meal on the run and it’ll certainly be the healthiest option besides veggies.
  •  Stop overshopping:  Depending on family size, make sure you buy what you need at the grocery store.  Everyone is tempted to grab everything that looks good, not just you, but its the choices you make in those moments that’ll determine your success.  Buy what you need for a week to prevent food from spoiling.  A few staples are grains,  veggies,  and legumes.
  • Don’t overeat:  We’ve been taught that we must have three meals a day at a set schedule.  But that’s not realistic due to schedules and other  restrictions.  If you’re not hungry at 6am when you wake up for work, take some oats and fruit with and prepare them during your break.   The same goes for dinner, most people get off work, go home, eat a large meal, and watch TV.  Instead of a large meal, try a plant-based protein shake, or a salad, take some time to unwind and see how you feel.   If you’re still hungry, have a meal comprised of grains and veggies.
  • Be Active:  Diet is essential to achieve your health goals but some form of exercise is just as essential as your diet.  A combination of diet and exercise will improve you’re overall health.