Are Vegan burgers the new trend?

For many, when we think vegan food it’s usually a bland salad or some green juice.  But times are changing, so much so that the king of fast food Mc Donald’s has released its first vegan burger.  If a healthier, environmentally, and ethically responsible burger is available then maybe it’s about time we all consider trying one.  Below are a few delicious vegan  burgers to encourage you to give it a go.


Northern California has many options to try vegan burgers while enjoying beautiful scenery.


If you’re looking for extra crunch on your burger, try some onion rings which will surely make a great addition to your burger.


If you’re a fan of diners, then Denny’s is the place for you. Build your own burger and tailor your burger to your taste.  


Gourmet burgers are also on the rise.  This masterpiece from Lovin’ Spoonfuls in Tucson, AZ will leave you coming back for more.