It’s time we talk about gun control. AGAIN.

For what seemed like hours, from my bedroom I could hear sirens blaring.  I assumed by the amount of sirens that there was a fire or a high-speed chase and wasn’t aware of what was happening a few minutes from my house.  The following morning I was horrified to hear that dozens of lives were taken and hundreds more affected by the actions of a disturbed man.  How could the grounds of a music festival be turned into a graveyard within minutes?   When it was disclosed that the shooter was on the 32nd floor of a hotel when he murdered the innocent people below.  All I could think is how was that possible, how can a person have the capability to murder so many from that distance and at such a rapid rate?  The reason why it was possible is because the weapons used for the murders were high-powered assault rifles made to kill war combatants.

If you enjoy owning guns and believe you are a responsible owner, under the law you’re entitled to own them.  However, have we come to a point in American history when weapons are too advanced and too devastating that it’s best that there is sacrifice by the few for the benefit of the many?   Would you as a gun owner prefer to have a gun and allow those few individuals the opportunity to kill and injure hundreds of civilians?  Or would you rather not have a gun and prevent would-be shooters from having access to guns?   Those are questions every American should ask themselves. The majority of mass shootings in the Unites States are directly linked to the legally purchased guns.   However, after every mass shooting the country is divided on gun laws.

Weapons are made for war and that’s when they should be used as last resort when diplomacy fails to prevent an aggression by a threat.   Our cities are not war zones, there is no need for weapons.  If weapons were made illegal or at least semi-automatic weapons, the risk of a mass shooting occurring would decrease.  Prevention is the greatest deterrent not an armed populace, and we know that because no armed civilian has prevented a mass shooting.

If someone intent on making harm has access to semi-automatic rifles, the amount of lives that can be affected in such short period of time is astronomical.   By some estimates, the amount of bullets fired onto the crowd in Las Vegas were 90 bullets in 10 seconds.  That makes it difficult if not impossible for anyone to respond and prevent major devastation.

It’s time to move on from the tired rhetoric of the GOP vs DNC vs NRA and why we should/shouldn’t have gun control.  We’re all aware of the 2nd amendment, but we’re also aware of the hundreds of lives lost.  The law should reflect the safety of those it’s meant to protect.  It’s time the law protects the innocent lives which are too often affected.