Trumps response to catastrophe: TWITTER

As many Puerto Rican’s find themselves devastated  by the effects of Hurricane Maria. Their anguish arises as response has been slow and limited.   Not since the disastrous governmental response after Hurricane Katrina struck Americas gulf coast has disaster relief been so disastrous.

During Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, many were critical of the governments delayed response.  Then President George W. Bush was criticized as being distant and uninterested (cue Kanye West) which was sparked by a photo of him viewing the disaster areas from Air Force One.   President Bush acknowledged the photo was in bad taste as he continued to try to make amends for his administrations lack of coordinated response.

Unlike George W., President Trump didn’t wait for criticism he waged his war on anyone who mentioned his name and/or administration in junction with the lack of response in Puerto Rico.   In a confounding state of affairs, President Trump decided to address his critics and and those affected by Hurricane Maria over Twitter.  He reassured those in Puerto Rico that the negativity surrounding his administration’s response was only “fake news” and that the Mayor of Puerto Rico was “told by  Democrats” to be nasty to Trump.  I’m not sure what the President and his team hope to accomplish with such rhetoric,  but to respond  on Twitter to the thousands of humans suffering is baffling.  Perhaps the President and his team should learn from previous administrations’ failures and successes and focus on their response to those affected by disaster and not bicker over Twitter with critics.