How did Survivor survive so long.

Seventeen years ago America was introduced to Survivor.  Season 1 was an instant success, families would sit together and watch cast members try to “Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast” each other over 39 days.  Generations of Survivor fans were created as many watched along enthusiastically with their parents.  Eventually those children would grow up and make their way onto the show.  Armed with years of study, they would enter the game with solid game-plans, the ability to make fire, build shelters, and prepared to win at all cost.   However prepared, the game only grew stronger as players got better, and the entertainment value and suspense grew.  Survivor continued to evolve at the same pace as its players.

Survivor is considered to be the third Reality TV show to air on American television and only MTV”S The Real World has been running longer.   As season 35 begins to captivate us, one of the reasons Survivor has survived for so long is that many of us Survivor fans look ahead and wonder if we’ll be the ones making landfall with our tribe at a camp one day.